Commercial Vehicle Lettering & Wraps That Will Get You Noticed

Vehicle wraps
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Recently, we focused on some best practices to further your reach with commercial vehicle lettering. Today we will continue the discussion, but by shifting gears to look at ways to generate the most impact and ROI from your investment in commercial vehicle wraps:

  1. Go Out To Engage Your Target Market

Some businesses that invest in commercial vehicle wraps overlook the fact that they don’t necessarily need to be heading to a customer or job site, or commuting to/from the office, in order to generate visibility and ROI. They can simply drive out to where their target market is located. In this sense, commercial vehicle wraps are like mobile billboards.

For example, if your business is in the general contracting industry, then you can conspicuously park your car, pick-up, or truck so that it is visible to homeowners who need to replace their roof — which is especially top-of-mind as the cold weather approaches. Here is an example of commercial vehicle lettering and graphics that our team designed for the Coastal Construction Company:

  2.A Partial Wrap Is Better Than No Wrap

If you’re eager to invest in commercial vehicle wraps for your entire fleet but don’t have room in the budget right now, then don’t put your plan off to the side. You can reduce the overall cost yet generate substantial ongoing results and ROI by wrapping part of your vehicle (or vehicles) instead of the entire body.

For example, below is a partial wrap that our team did for Penn Station East Coast Subs.

  3.Integrate Your Marketing

You can also leverage your investment by integrating commercial vehicle wraps with your other marketing strategies and tactics. For example, you can:

  • Take photos of your wrapped vehicles during the week and post them to your website and social media pages.
  • Ask people to take photos of your wrapped vehicles when they spot them on the road, and post them on their social profiles for a chance to win a prize (i.e. gift card, discount, etc.).

Learn More 

To learn more ways to get the most impact and ROI from your investment in commercial vehicle lettering and commercial vehicle wraps, contact us today.

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