Further Your Reach With Commercial Vehicle Lettering

Commercial Vehicle Lettering
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One of the most effective ways to further your reach so that you can engage customers, generate brand visibility, and ultimately increase sales is by using commercial vehicle lettering.

If your business is considering this high-impact yet low-cost marketing outreach strategy, then here are three tips to help you take the shortest path to value and ROI:

  1. Choose the right font sizes.

It isn’t necessary to only use large fonts that can be read at a distance, because commercial vehicle lettering attracts, engages, and informs customers when vehicles are parked.

However, it’s very important that all primary information — typically the name of your company, the phone number, and possibly the website URL — is large enough, so that it can be seen and remembered in a matter of seconds.

  • Choose the right graphics.

You’ve heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, even though this article is about commercial vehicle lettering, it would be a mistake not to mention that graphics, such as your logo, play a big role in generating top-of-mind awareness. Here is an example of how truck lettering and your logo work together to make a powerful and positive impression:

  • Do not take the DIY approach.

There are many situations where doing things yourself (DIY) helps you save money, sometimes save time as well. But when it comes to designing and installing commercial vehicle lettering, it’s wise to leave this important job to professionals. Think of it this way: peeling, fading, cracking, and cheap-looking commercial vehicle lettering isn’t just ineffective, it will damage your brand and reputation by giving the impression of poor quality. It’s a liability that costs you customers, rather than an asset that impresses them.

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