How Channel Letter Signs Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

channel letters
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Channel letter signs are an ideal sign solution to generate attention day and night, establish top-of-mind brand awareness, and stand out from the crowd — which is especially vital in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Here are three key reasons why channel letter signs help your business stand out and apart:

  1. Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Get Noticed 24/7/365

study [PDF] by the Villanova School of Business found that lighted, on-premise signs effectively performed a range of core marketing goals, including: reinforcing advertising as part of integrated communications, branding and communication a business’s location, and enhancing a business’s image.

  • Using LEDs To Illuminate Channel Letter Signs Demonstrate Environmental Leadership — & Boost The Bottom Line

Channel letter signs can be illuminated by high performance and long-lasting LED modules, which compared to conventional fluorescent lights use significantly less energy, and are 100% lead and mercury-free. Businesses that “go green” do more than help the planet: they also improve their bottom-line by promoting their environmental leadership in their marketing. Indeed, research shows that 70% consumers will gladly spend more on purchases if they believe they are supporting a business that is following environmentally responsible principles and practices.

  1. Channel Letter Signs are Fully Customizable vs. Generic

While outdoor business signs have been around for centuries, most people can’t remember the last one they saw because the vast majority of them are generic, boring, and forgettable. Not so with channel letter signs!

That’s because every element of channel letters signs can be customized to capture a business’s unique brand signature: size, shape, colors, fonts, graphics, lighting (i.e. internally-lit, back-lit and/or front-lit), and more. All of this combines to create a sign that stands out and makes a lasting, positive impact.

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