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Professionally designed and installed channel letter signs do much more than just tell your customers where you are located. They also generate valuable brand awareness and mindshare, which enhances your reputation and ensures that you — and not your competitors — are “top of mind” when your prospective customers are ready to become paying and loyal fans. 

Furthermore, there are many different types of channel letter signs for you to choose from based on your needs, objectives, budget, as well as other variables like visibility factors, regulations imposed by the city or your property manager, and so on. Here are some popular channel letter sign options that might be ideal for your business:

Front Lit Channel Letter Signs

Front lit channel letters signs use crisp, clear and energy-efficient LED modules to showcase your business day and night. They are among the most popular and effective of all types of outdoor business signs. Plus, you can add an LED messaging system to capture even more attention and promote sales, events, and more.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs

Also known as reverse lit or halo lit, backlit channel letter signs enable light to emit from the back of each letter, which is then reflected on the mounting surface (e.g. wall). The brightness of the LEDs and the gap between the channel letters and the mountain surface can all be precisely customized to create the desired effect.

Open Face Channel Letter Signs

With open face channel letter signs, the light source is deliberately exposed instead of encased. This creates a very eye-catching and noticeable sign, and is popular among restaurants, bars, night clubs, and other businesses that want a highly conspicuous night signage footprint.

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